I've been painting since my childhood. I like Surrealist art, Fantasy, Fairy Tales Scenes. My Artwork is vibrant and energetic. Most of my paintings are inspired by my own life experience, dreams, visions, future thoughts. There's an untold story behind each of my paintings. I want to bring a little magic into your lives and step outside of the reality. Much like mythological, fantasy, fairy tale scene paintings transport us to another world and time. 


Art plays very important role in my Life, helps me to deal with difficult situations, loss, challenges in life, but also Love and Happiness. 

 I am exploring, learning and  developing my talent continuously, creating my artwork with love and put my soul into it.

“Happy Home”
“Tarot Angel”
“Swan Lake”
”The Perfect Holiday”
”Up the Hill”
”I see You”
“Copper Hill”
“Chasing the Sun”
“Sea of Flowers”
“Wild Flowers”
“Angel of Winter”
"Broken pieces"
“You are my desire“
“Like a Butterfly“

"Untold Stories" - Solo Artwork Exhibition Danubius Hotel Regent's Park, Nov 2017

"Visions & Fantasy" - Solo Artwork Exhibition Danubius Hotel Regent's Park, May 2019

Sussex Art Fair - Held at Goodwood Racecourse, May 2019

New Artist Fair - Summer Exhibition, Shoreditch London, Sep 2019

Chiltern Hotel Luton 

The Clayton Crown Hotel - ongoing exhibition