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Please let me introduce myself.


I am an independent artist based in London. Since my childhood I have been attracted to art, especially music and to the sound of piano. As soon as I started to take my first music classes I've been exploring piano and composing my own melodies. My talent was supported by my parents and developed by the music teachers. For me the piano is an exceptional musical instrument that can create different moods. It is peaceful, unique, cleansing soul, happy, playful and passionate. Piano can help to relax, relieve anxiety and emotions and of course entertain.


In my repertoire you can find all genres of music. A wide range from contemporary music, classical, jazz, oldies, pop, ballads to improvisations. Live piano music for all age categories.


One of my first professional piano performances was held in Sheraton Belgravia hotel and Thistle Marble Arch hotel in London as a part of  'The Live Link'' music agency. I am currently a freelance pianist mostly performing in Danubius hotel Regent's park and playing piano for events in the Clayton Crown hotel.


My experience as a solo piano artist includes various occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, gala dinners, corporate events, etc. 


Piano background music provides a pleasant unique atmosphere and can change your function into an unforgettable high class experience.

The Fine Art also plays very important role in my life, helps me to deal with difficult situations, loss, challenges in life, but also Love and Happiness. 

My Artwork is vibrant and energetic more like Surrealist art, Fantasy & Fairy Tales Scenes.

What inspires me the most is my dreams, life experience, future thoughts.

There's an untold story behind each of my Paintings. 

If you have any questions, enquiries or wishes please contact me. I will get back to you immediately.

With love


Thank you all for enjoying my Music & Artwork.


A special thanks to my amazing friends:

Ivana Slaba for taking pictures., my best friend Ivana Tumova Milicevic, Steven Van Herwijnen, Daniel, Ken..and others who believe in me.